BC’s Blog Launch!

Today marks the first day of BrunchCritic’s official blog. While the BrunchCritic Website aims to be a simple, one-stop shop for obtaining information on brunching in New York City (and hopefully other cities later this year), I’d like to express a more personal perspective on the suggestions we make.

I find a lot of joy and satisfaction in making helpful recommendations. I love doing it. When people tell me they had a great experience at a spot I’ve recommended, I’m thrilled I was a small part of their positive experience.

My goals for this blog are to complement the listings, bullet points, photos, and reviews on the site.  I firmly believe in the main reason I started BrunchCritic, and I want to express this passion to our users. We all work hard, and New Yorkers shouldn’t have to spend excessive time searching the Web for a spot to get pancakes and a Bloody Mary on a Sunday. There are some really good resources in NYC…but they focus on dinner. Brunch is a sport in New York, and New Yorkers deserve a great site focussed solely on this meal. I saw a need that wasn’t being met, and my team and I are striving to meet it.
Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm!
Head Brunchie