Easter on the horizon. Sunday, March 31st.

So what’s your plan for the Easter Holiday? And how can I help?

Have you seen the list of 2013 Easter picks that BrunchCritic compiled? You can check them out here:




Do you have any other specific requests that we can help with? Restaurant size? entrees? prix fix details? Let me know! And we’ll help find the perfect place for you and your Easter family and friends.

A New Cheesy Spot in the West Village

Murray’s Cheese Bar…

…is the newest addition to the Murray’s Cheese empire. The restaurant/wine bar has been open for little under a year, and as of late February they started serving brunch. Check this out:

That my friends is the Murray’s Cheese Bar take on cheesy grits. And yes, they are just as good as they look. In fact they are awesome. I’ve had a lot of grits in my day around this town, and these grab top rank.

Also of note are the 6 different options of French Toast, terrific coffee, and great brunch-time cocktails. Since Bleecker Street’s historial, landmark “constitution” doesn’t allow liquor in that area, Murray’s Cheese Bar had to get creative with their drinks. Of course you can get wine (it is a wine and cheese bar after all), but you can also have your choice of classic mimosa, prosecco + pear juice, processo + lychee, or prosecco + passion fruit. They are all awesome. And I know. It’s possible I may have had them all yesterday…

Anyways, for a day like today, one that is really cold, and you are probably in need of comfort and interested in trying something new, I’d recommend Murray’s. Right smack dab next to the original cheese store.

Murray’s Cheese Bar, Bleecker St., btwn 6th & 7th.

Check it Out.

Easter Brunch Spots in NYC – Our Picks for 2013

Easter is approaching quickly this month, and is officially Sunday, March 31st.

Here’s BrunchCritic’s picks for the Best Easter Brunch spots in NYC. As always, if you have a very specific request, group size or need, drop us a line in the comments section or email me at andrea@brunchcritic.com and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Happy hopping.

Andrea and the BC Team

Do you have any other specific requests that we can help with? Restaurant size? entrees? prix fix details? Let me know! And we’ll help find the perfect place for you and your Easter holiday family and friends.

Where to brunch when it’s sunny, but still not quite spring

We are starting to get teased. It’s glorious outside…but still pretty chilly. For that “Indoors-But-Feels-Like-It’s-Outdoors feel,” here are 3 places to check out today.

1. Upstairs at The Kimberly Hotel, penthouse level, with glass windows and views on all sides. And it’s a brunch spot that Does take Reservations. God bless ‘em.

Another good couple of perks is that Upstairs has jazz on Sundays and patrons receive a complimentary mimosa or bloody Mary.

Upstairs: Midtown at 145 E. 50th St., btwn Lexington & Third Ave., at Penthouse Level, Kimberly Hotel.

2. Barbuto in the West Village is an underrated brunch spot with an airy, minimalist atmosphere. The restaurant is enclosed on three sides by floor to ceiling, glass garage doors that can be opened and shut. This time of the year they will be closed, but it’s lovely to be able to brunch while looking outside on a day like today. Barbuto is also a great place if you are looking for a brunch that isn’t going to make you want to fall asleep afterwards from food overload. The portions are always just right.

Barbuto: West Village near Meatpacking District, 775 Washington St., at W.12th St. And that’s West 12th Street, not Little West 12th Street. People are always making that mistake, and I’ve seen numerous people perplexed outside each of those addresses when they realize they are in the wrong location.

3. August is known for great food, a quaint atmosphere, and their incredible back section complete with cobblestones and a glass roof. Also it’s good for impressing-out-of-towners, and is in a key location for strolling along Bleecker street afterwards.

August: 359 Bleecker, between Charles and W. 10th.

And there ‘ya go. These three brunch spots are indoors, but it Feels like they’re outside. And that’s what matters. Happy Sunday in March. Spring is almost here. (And so is March Madness….yaaey!)

What happens when you get a-lotta cheese, a pop-up space, & competitive people? The Big Cheesy.

The Big Cheesy is back. 

Openhouse is hosting their annual Big Cheesy, a grilled cheese competition featuring New York’s finest sandwich chefs, on Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th. Eat, vote, and enjoy.

And if you’re lucky, you can win a pair of tickets ($50 value) to the big cheesy, sponsored by yours truly, BrunchCritic. To win: Be part of our community on Facebook with a “Like,” and simply email info@brunchcritic.com with your answer to: “Why do you like brunch?” See below for this year’s contenders…

This year’s lineup includes:

- Returning Champ Melt Shop (midtown)

- 2011 Winner Milk Truck (roving)

- Last year’s Bronze Winner Lucy’s Whey (Chelsea Market)

- Murray’s Cheese Bar (Bleecker St)

- Say Cheese (UWS), a catering company gone rogue

- Sons of Essex (LES) the irreverent throwback

- ’wichcraft by Tom Colicchio

Plus, Sixpoint beer (Red Hook) tallboys all around.

Like last year, tickets are $25, guests enjoy the competition in one-hour time slots, and each guest gets one vote. The Big Cheesy runs from 12-7pm both days and it’ll be delicious!

201 Mulberry St (between Spring & Kenmare)
New York, NY 10012

Click here for tickets, or here for information on last year’s event.



A chill place for a lazy Sunday. Acme.

Check out Acme, 9 Great Jones St., Btwn Bowery & Lafayette.

Acme is place that has character, and on the weekend you can avoid the nighttime crowd and craze with Acme’s chill brunch. Many brunch spots in the surrounding area are slammed with lines, but Acme manages to have a full, but not overly busy and crowded dining room.  It’s easy for your lazy Sunday. And it’s really good. Entrees are great, the cocktails are delicious and unique, the dessert rocks, and they have healthy juice blends too.

The entrees offer more than your basic scrambled eggs. Think baked eggs, pork belly and more. And, the “pancake” is really good. (remember, I’m a pancake girl. I always have to try that.)

And they have healthy juice blends which aren’t common for New York Brunch. Acme is definitely not a place that screams “Health nuts come forth!” but the blends are a smart menu offering. More places should do it.

Acme Juice Blends : Pineapple/Orange/Carrot, Beet/Cherry/Apple, Apple/Celery/Spinach

Fresh Juices: Orange, Grapefruit and Tomato

Do we see a Californication trend possibly emerging….?  Can’t hurt. Spring and Summer is almost here.

For Dessert definitely try the Beer & Bread Porridge with Salted Carmel Ice Cream.

And here is how they do Hot Chocolate: Burbon, port, vanilla & milk.

Link to a map and menu here:


Pancakes. Not just any Panckes. Theeeese pancakes:

Bam! Check these out: 

Every time people see this photo, they say “wow, where can I get that.” In fact, this is the reason why we started the Where Can I Find That!? section on the website. Bottom area of BrunchCritic.com, you can scroll through numerous photos and find great dishes. Looks like this:

You can find the pancakes above at 44 & X restaurant, a fantastic brunch spot, which stands for 44th St., and 10th Avenue. It’s a great place and their brunch is always consistent.

Special things: 1) We love how so many of their dishes come with extras, included. Here we see fruit – strawberries, rasberries – yum, and sausages. It makes such a nice, complete brunch entree without the pain of having to order and spend cash on sides.  2) Best Bathroom: Sounds sorta weird, right? But it’s true. The upstairs bathroom here is amazing. Always fresh scents, fresh massive vases with flowers, a chandelier, dim lighting (but not too dark). It’s just great. Event Francis Rivera from the Pix 11 brought this up when I was on the morning show last year. You can see the clip here:

Pancakes, 44 from BrunchCriticTV on Vimeo.

Again, sounds sorta weird, but really it’s an indication that the restaurant is clean, as is the kitchen & prep area. That goes a long way in NYC!

So if you are near Times Square or Hell’s Kitchen this weekend (which can often be a hellish place to find a good brunch – check out 44 & X. Obviously their address is easy to remember.

For more pictures of 44 & X, check this link out. 44 & X Photos.

Happy weekend.