Do women like brunch more than men?

Some would argue that men aren’t into brunch as much as women.

“It’s more of a girls thing,” I’ve heard. But, while I think the brunch ratio skews more to women than men in general, the fellas are still pretty big fans. And, we always have 50% men at all of our official BrunchCritic events. (They are smart. That’s where the ladies go, and that’s where the comfort food is). But an even bigger question I have is, what is it like to live with a brunch nut?

Fellow BC teammate, social media maven and Brooklyn resident, Caitlin Heikkila, got engaged a month ago. Now that the couple is in a more “comfortable” place in their relationship, I wanted to know what the relationship between Caitlin, her man, and brunch was really like. Is he a true fan? Here’s what she had to say:

Living with a Brunch Fanatic ( by Caitlin Heikkila) 

I’m lucky my fiancée loves brunch.

I’m happy we wake up each weekend morning craving spicy bloody Marys, mushroom and cheese-filled frittatas, and French toast topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

And as I lay out our brunch plans weeks in advance, he happily accompanies me, munching on crispy bacon and fluffy biscuits along the way.

“I HAVE to try Hunter’s for brunch—not this Saturday, or the following Saturday, but the Saturday after that,” I say as he whips out his iPhone, noting the date in the calendar.

I’m glad he doesn’t mind tasting omelet after omelet, and listening as I critique the fluffiness of each pancake and the tomato-to-horseradish ratio of the bloody Mary I’m sipping on.

I think he even appreciates the way I snap photos of my brunch dishes, crouching down and clearing the surrounding tables to get the best light on my granola bowl.

He’ll even cheer as I clap in delight over my discovery of an “unlimited brunch cocktails” deal on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. And he will gladly chug down a few mimosas to start the day– even if the glass looks a little dainty in his hand.

I swear, he likes chatting about the philosophy of choosing between the sweet versus the savory brunch and the considerations in making that decision. It is a big choice after all.

He might not express it out loud, but I can tell he has tears of joy on the inside when he sees that my eggs are cooked to over-easy perfection.

I’m lucky my fiancée loves brunch. Otherwise, I might have to rethink this whole “engaged” thing.

(by Caitlin Heikkila)

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