A better, simpler newsletter.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

BrunchCritic will always provide value. We’ve got improvements to make with the site, but the original mission will never change: Be as useful as possible to our community, so they don’t have to waste their precious weekend time searching for a brunch spot. (And provide some entertainment too!)

So, I decided we launch a simple newsletter. Simple, straightforward, informative. I don’t like many of the e-newsletters I get. There is an overwhelming amount of content, and they are often times about unrelated topics.

That method is broken. I wanted a new formula. One and One is sent out frist thing in the morning on Saturdays, so when you wake up and think “I’m hungry, I want my brunch,” bam!, there are two suggestions. The brunch spots are opposites. Such as: One in Brooklyn + One in Manhattan, One uptown + one downtown. One party brunch + One mello brunch. You get the idea.

So, if you haven’t signed up yet, do! “How?” you ask. Simply go to the homepage of BrunchCritic.com. Scroll down. Enter your email in the box provided. Hit submit and you’re done. (Screen shot of email box below).

We’ve sent newsletters out on the past 4 Saturdays, and people I don’t know have emailed me to tell me they really, really like it. This couldn’t make me happier.

And if you hate it, just unsubscribe. I won’t be offended…well not all that much anyways. Try it out, and enjoy One and One by BrunchCritic.


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