One Brunch for The Fall

351 East 12th St., (between 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave.)
(212) 432-3825

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.22.48 PM The Place :

Ducks is a BrunchCritic favorite. It’s not well known, be we are exposing it to the masses. Ducks easy-going and casual but feels special at the same time. Overall, Ducks is a New Orleans meets Southeast Asian inspired spot, but the brunch menu is solely New Orleans influenced. A thick, brick atmosphere surrounds the diners and although tarnished, the wall mirror is still somehow endearing. Water is served in mason jars, the menus are binder clipped to cardboard, and mismatched chairs and distressed tables decorate the small space. We find that the clientele seems to be the perfect representation of all sorts of Manhattan and Brooklynites, minus the trendy/preppy crowd. Ducks is chill. It’s relaxed. It’s delicious.

What to Eat:

Start with the Roasted Delicata Squash.  Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.30.12 PM Slices of fall squash will arrive beautifully presented, and made with wakame seaweed butter, togarashi chili and topped with flavorful, shaved burdock seeds. You’ll love eating your veggies. (And the burdock seeds are awesome!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.31.56 PMFor a main get the Benedict de Marie Laveau with smoked ricotta, and a creole hollandaise.

While a lot of places try to create twists on the classic benedict, they often fail. Ducks Eatery attempts this however and knocks it out of the park. That smoked ricotta and creole hollandaise isn’t too strong, or too weak, it’s just right. (They have waffles and fried Duck on the menu. We didn’t get to try it but surely will next time we go back!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.28.20 PMWhat to Drink:

The Pumpkin ti’ Punch is perfect for fall. Made with rum, coconut creme, cinnamon, nutmeg and graham, it’s a great starter. For dessert, you might want to forgo the beignets with chocolate sauce and just get a second Pumpkin ti’ Punch!

Reservation Policy:

Reservations accepted for parties as small as two.

(Published in our weekly One & One Newsletter on Saturday, Nov 23, 2013)

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Tickets Now Available! – Brazilian Brunch!

You’re Invited!


We’re throwing a Brazilian Brunch Bash on Sunday, December 8th and you’re invited. There will be Unlimited Caipirinhas and Mimosas, a live Samba Band, and Brazilian Cuisine.

Sushi Samba has brunch? Yep! And it’s quite good! Sushi Samba is a Brazilian-Asian fusion restaurant, but their brunch menu is primarily Brazilian. That means you get to choose entrees like Feijoada, Churrasco and Eggs, Lobster Eggs Benedict, Wagyu Sliders, Shrimp & Polenta, and more. We think their thick, hand cut bacon is especially superb. If you’re more of a sweets person you can order Doce de Leite French Toast and Warm Churros con Chocolate.

We’re big fans of Sushi Samba’s 2nd floor and roof level. It was renovated over the summer, and ever since we saw it we’ve wanted to host a brunch party. And now we are.

So come join us on Sunday, December 8th. The drinks will be flowing and the Samba going.

When: Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where: Sushi Samba, 87 7th Avenue South, (at Barrow St.) Roof Level

via Party Earth: Tickets
via EventBrite:
$45 in advance / $55 at the door
(Includes everything, tax, tip, & the whole shebang.)

Questions: Contact

Hope to have you with us!

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What Brunch has to do with Santa and Facebook

A friend told me about Stockings With Care ( ).

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.24.02 AM

The concept is simple. The organization matches you up with a child who is less fortunate, who’s parents can’t afford to give them the holiday gifts they deserve. The child chooses 3 items they’d love to have (or the parent if it’s a very young one). You purchase at least 2 of the 3 for them, more if you’re able, wrap them anonymously, drop them off at the designated time/location, and the organization will deliver your holiday cheer to them in time for Christmas.

Someone I didn’t know (a friend of a friend), shared this on Facebook and encouraged others to join her. I signed up, and suggested that since all the people who commented and “liked” her status and are going to get involved, and don’t know each other, that we have a weekend day where we brunch and then go shopping for the kids. The emails have been flowing and we’ve set a date! Brunch is going to give us a chance to get to know new people around the brunch table. And as much as a don’t like Facebook, I do like it in this instance because I wouldn’t have known about Stockings with Care otherwise, and it’s providing a way to meet new people.

It’s the brunch table that is going to be the vehicle for us to connect with one another, with like-minded individuals. And that is why I love brunch.

I encourage you to get involved with the cause. If you do and you’d like to join us for the brunch + shopping day, drop me a line at We’d love to meet up with you!

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Vodka Goes Global – An Event

The Culinary Historians of New York and Astor Center are putting on an event December 2nd, exploring all things….Vodka! Really.

Since vodka is a primary ingredient in the bloody Mary, I’ve got to check it out. I’m also amazed at all the new, small vodka companies that have been popping up– Spring 44 (love them), Juliet Vodka, Tru Vodka, Vixen Vodka, 42 Below, and many others. It’s interesting to think how and why they have come to be and what is is like going up against the big boys like Absolut, Greg Goose, Belvedere, and others.










The event is at Astor Center, 399 Lafayette St., (at East 4th St.,) (upstairs).

The main speaker is Patricia Herlihy. She’s is a specialist in Russian and Ukrainian history and the author of The Alcoholic Empire: Vodka and Politics in Late Imperial Russia, and Vodka: A Global History.

Truthfully, I had no idea there were thick books written on vodka. But I was a History and Poli Sci major in college so these actually might be interesting reading for me. I’m in a book club and I think I’m going to recommend one of them. So much of the content is about history and culture, and that has always been an interest of mine.

Here is an overview of what the event will be about. It sounds quite interesting, and I think it will make me and you think of vodka in a whole new way.

From the invitation:

Vodka has been the staple drink in Slavic lands for at least 600 years and is inextricably bound to their culture. Clear but powerful, this distilled beverage not only supplied an alcoholic drink for celebrations, but also fueled the Russian and Soviet economies. These days, vodka is blamed for Russia’s soaring death rates. So why has North America embraced this fascinating and versatile drink? And why has vodka overtaken America’s own native drink, bourbon? How has vodka gone global?

Vodka distillers have packaged and pitched their product, just as consumers have come to define themselves through their choice of brands, and this packaging and branding reveals as much about vodka as it does about our own world. However vodka is drunk, whether straight, infused, flavored, or mixed, the history of vodka is a story of an old spirit transformed into the perfect postmodern drink. Mysterious in its origin, beguiling in its allure, vodka is a rising star.

Sign up here:

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A big Thank You to Kelly S.

I wanted to follow up on the Group Dining Guide I had posted about yesterday.

We had a woman who really found the Guide useful to her Shower search, and was very appreciative via email. We ended up helping her out with other details that went into her shower as well. She also invited us to her shower which was So. Darn. Nice. I  sent Kelly a note wishing her Congratulations on her Shower and upcoming baby and I thought I’d share this little video with you.

Cheers Brunchies™


Baby Shower Bridal Shower Group Dining Guide

Have you Downloaded the Baby Shower Bridal Showing Group Dining Guide yet?

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 9.57.22 PM

A lot of people ask us for suggestions on where to host baby and bridal showers. I thought it would be useful to compile all the suggestions we provide people into one useful package.

Historically it’s hard for people to know what restaurants to go to for showers. Consumers require a large space that is often separate or semi-separate from the rest of the restaurant, and you want a place large enough where you can circle round the guest of honor to open gifts, etc. It’s also historically difficult and time consuming to navigate the pricing, see each place in person (who has time for that!), and find who the correct “events specific contact” at the restaurant is, on top of all the other logistics that go into planning a shower.

In usual BrunchCritic style, we’ve aimed to make finding the right venue for a shower as easy as possible. And I hope we’ve done that for you. We’ve provided details and photos of locations we think are ideal for showers and other group events, along with a rough guideline to how the pricing works at each place. This was our Spring/Summer guide, but all the information is relevant still, with the exception of Park Avenue Spring-Summer-Autumn-Fall. They will be closing at the end of 2013 (Dec. 31st 2013 to be exact…they couldn’t negotiate a better deal on their rent). We will also be doing another guide for the Winter season. Stay tuned. As always, if you have any input on what you’d like us to include, please let us know! Email me directly or Thank you for your interest in the guide!

Cheers Brunchies™


Bloody Mary 101

How to make a Bloody Mary.

The Classic Bloody Mary is actually an easy, fun drink to make. Check out our Drink in a video below to see how to make a Bloody in a Minute. Written instructions are below too.

Drink in a Minute – How to Make a Bloody Mary (You Tube)

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.34.02 PM


- Vodka
- Tomato Juice (ideally it’s fresh)
- Horseradish (a spoonful or half is plenty)
- Worcester Sauce (just a couple tablespoons)
- Sriracha

Directions: Once you have all your ingredients, simple pour them into a pint glass. Start with the vodka, then the tomato juice, then the horseradish, then the Worcestershire Sauce and finally the Sriracha. Shake with a proper shaker and pour.

I’m a big fan of garnishes. I am very adamant about celery being in my bloody Mary. It’s an easy way to make a drinks special and attractive. I also like the garnish we used in the video. Salami, Cheese and a pepper. I like a little hearty meaty with my bloody! And white you are waiting for your brunch food to cook garnishes can be fun to munch on.

If you liked the video, let us know. And if you have a bloody Mary video you want to share with us, please do!

Happy brunching and bloody Mary making,