Best New Year’s Day Brunch NYC

New Year’s Day this year falls on a Wednesday. And, since most of us have the day off, and will be recovering from the night before, the perfect New Year’s Day Brunch is in high demand. Our advice: use BrunchCritic and select “HOLIDAY BRUNCH” under mood. That filter under the Mood Search tool has all the places identified as being open on holidays, like New Year’s Day, (or the day after Christmas, Christmas Day, the day after Thanksgiving, MLK Day, etc etc.)

I’m an advocate of BrunchCritic. OBVIOUSLY! It’s a bit frustrating to see resources like Zagats and others publish what they call brunch “lists.” Almost every time I see one of them, I think to myself what a disservice they are doing to their community. And, we we don’t have a partnership.  Zagats  just released their short list of where to go tomorrow. You can view it here. But in my opinion, it’s no different than many of their other lists. And, it’s quite weak. Most brunchies™ already know of the Sarabeth’s. All Zagat’s did was list every location they have. There are thousands of restaurants in New York. Trust me, Sarabeth’s isn’t the only place serving New Year’s Day brunch. And the lines are going to be ridiculous. And I am shocked to see Egg in Brooklyn on there. I think it’s great Egg is open for brunch on New Year’s Day, but come on Zagat’s, next to Sarabeth’s everyone already knows about Egg. And that means they know about their LINE. Now I don’t want to spend the first day of the year waiting in line. Do you?

Dear Zagats–  I’ve put this out there before, but why don’t we work on a partnership. Let the brunch experts help you out, and you do what you to best, dinner. (And frankly that’s what your guide and rating are based on anyways. Not brunch and the brunch experience.)

So to our readers, it might help your New Year’s Day brunch search to search Holiday Brunch on the homepage, and dine at one of our recommendations. Here is the direct link to those search results: Holiday Brunch

My top picks? Here’s where I’d go:

Commerce (west village), GOOD (greenwich village) Asellina (Flatiron/Kips Bay), Riverpark – (East 29th st.).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.

I sincerely wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

Cheers Brunchies™




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