This is Why I Love Brunch

and it might not be why you think.

This weekend I was at Bleecker Kitchen & Co for brunch.

bleecker kitchen interior

I was with my friend Mark and we wanted to try a NoHo spot as we would be continuing on into SoHo after brunch. I also wanted to check it out because they serve brunch everyday, Monday through Sunday, and I wanted to assess if it’s a place I should recommend to our users for “Weekday Brunch.”

Our brunch– the food & the service, was great. But this weekend’s Brunch at Bleecker Kitchen & Co. was one of my most favorite in a long time and I’ll tell you why.

It wasn’t the great service that made this my favorite.

It wasn’t the excellent Steak & Eggs or the fantastic, crispy, Corn Flake Encrusted French Toast.

It was what happened during our brunch.

Mark and I leaned over to to the table next to us to ask them what they were eating. A group of three were mid-meal and their dishes looked quite good. We wanted their feedback as we were just about to order ourselves. But the next thing you know, we were all talking together, and about way more than our food.

A true conversation had emerged. Our conversation continued throughout the entire meal, and this is what made our meal a true brunch experience, not just a meal. Brunch is about comfort. It’s about relaxation, and it’s about fun. Brunch is a vehicle to arrive at a conversation with the people you are with around the table, and in this case– the table next to you. The bonds we created with the table next to us never would have happened at dinner because restaurants are more dimly lit at dinner, and dinner just has a more serious tone to it.

Here is a photo of all of us– Mark & I at our table, and our brand new 3 friends at the table next to us.

Bleecker Kitchen Crew

It turns out that Alison (the blonde) is an incredibly dynamic and hilarious person, who by day is a news reporter for Connecticut’s local Fox station.  Her husband Scott works for Alternative Apparel, a very cool apparel company, and their cousin is about to leave New York and depart on a new life adventure in San Francisco. She is in her 20′s, and the rest of us in our 30′s & 40′s, so we had plenty of thoughts and advice to share.

The conversation between our two tables was one of shared interests, lots of laughs, coincidences, learnings about one another, and we even shared some of that crispy, Corn Flake Encrusted French Toast I mentioned. As a result of brunch on Saturday, I can say I have three new friends, and the connections made over brunch would not have happened at dinner. And that is why I love brunch.

Cheers Brunchies™