New Brunch Offering at DBGB

DBGB in the East Village just announced a revamping of their brunch menu. While I always wanted to love the place, I always thought something was missing. I could never really put my finger on it. I liked their prix fixe concept, but never felt satisfied with the food and overall experience.

I have doubts about their new menu too, and don’t think it’s going to solve their problem.

DBGB is going from a $27 prix fixe that included 3-courses (appetizer, entree and dessert) to a $30 family style menu.

This means large plates of food thrown on the table for everyone to pick off of. Family style I think is code for mini-buffet. And if you know me well, you know I think buffets suck. They’re  gross.

It seems to me that DBGB’s new offering really only means fewer options to select from, the same mediocre food, and for more money and no desert. Oh, and for less service. Presenting family style large plates on a table requires less work by restaurant staff, and we’ll all be paying more for it.

I just don’t think DBGB is taking the correct approach. My opinion could change after trying it this upcoming weekend, but I am pessimistic. Also, did I mention that for an extra $50 you can get carafes of drinks. Hmm, doesn’t seem worth it when there are plenty of better value brunches around, especially in that area.

And that’s what’s new in the world of East Village brunch.

You can read more about DBGB’s new menu here and see a short video they put out as well. The video doesn’t do the food any justice, and I think shows why buffets, I mean family style, suck .

Till the next review,

Cheers, Brunchies™