The Brunch Table with Topher Gaylord

In the 3rd episode of The Brunch Table, I brunch with Topher Gaylord in Marin County, California. Topher is the CEO of Mountain Hardware, the outdoor performance apparel company. And, he’s also an ultra-marathoner which means he runs hundreds of miles at one time! Topher is definitely someone I admire for his business sense and his athleticism. Before Mountain Hardware, he was the CEO of 7 Jeans, North America.

For brunch we went to M.H. Bread & Butter in Marin County, CA. Our dishes included Monkey Bread, Baked Eggs, Toast with Beans and an Egg, a Fried Egg Sandwich and more.

At The Brunch Table I take awesome people out to brunch and get to know them. It was definitely and honor to brunch with Topher Gaylord.

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