How Cocoa is Made

I just returned back from a trip in the Dominican Republic. My favorite part of the experience was learning how cocoa is made. I love learning how things are made! I snapped a few shots that I thought I’d share, along with a very simple step by step process of how cocoa is made.

Step 1
Identify the cocoa tree

Image 1

Step 2
Pick the cocoa pod.


Cocoa Pod

Step 3
Open the pod to expose the cocoa beans.


Step 4
Dry out the cocoa beans.


Step 5
Take the dried cocoa beans (the lighter beans in the photo below) and peel off the thin outer shell. What will result are the darker beans.


Step 6
Grind/mash the beans. What will result is a paste-like, gooey cocoa substance.




Step 7
Mold the substance into a medium size mass and dry it out.

Mounds Dry 4

Step 8
When you have a dry mass, you can grate the cocoa. This final product is what is used in making chocolate.


And there you go! Cocoa like you see in the supermarket!


Our tour guide mixed the grated cocoa with agave and bananas for us to try. The cocoa-agave covered bananas were excellent!

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