A New Cheesy Spot in the West Village

Murray’s Cheese Bar…

…is the newest addition to the Murray’s Cheese empire. The restaurant/wine bar has been open for little under a year, and as of late February they started serving brunch. Check this out:

That my friends is the Murray’s Cheese Bar take on cheesy grits. And yes, they are just as good as they look. In fact they are awesome. I’ve had a lot of grits in my day around this town, and these grab top rank.

Also of note are the 6 different options of French Toast, terrific coffee, and great brunch-time cocktails. Since Bleecker Street’s historial, landmark “constitution” doesn’t allow liquor in that area, Murray’s Cheese Bar had to get creative with their drinks. Of course you can get wine (it is a wine and cheese bar after all), but you can also have your choice of classic mimosa, prosecco + pear juice, processo + lychee, or prosecco + passion fruit. They are all awesome. And I know. It’s possible I may have had them all yesterday…

Anyways, for a day like today, one that is really cold, and you are probably in need of comfort and interested in trying something new, I’d recommend Murray’s. Right smack dab next to the original cheese store.

Murray’s Cheese Bar, Bleecker St., btwn 6th & 7th.

Check it Out.