Grand Central’s 100 years and brunch nearby.

Grand Central Station turned 100 years old this weekend. And, we receive a lot of questions about what brunch spots are nearby. While the immediate area around Grand Central is totally lacking in great restaurants and brunch, I am a fan of The Shop at the Andaz Hotel and it’s just a few blocks away. If you are

riding solo, the cafe area in the front is casual and easy going. Not a bad spot to pull up a stool and read the morning Times. And of course for a group, the main area will suit you well. Since The Shop is part of the Andaz Hotel, you’re looking at hotel prices. But it’s the price you pay for finding a legit brunch spot in a funny party of midtown. Click here for a map and other details about The Shop.

And in honor of Grand Central’s centennial, here are a few fun facts about it:

  • Grand Central’s doors were opened on midnight, February 2, 1913.
  • Adjusted for inflation in today’s terms, the station cost $2 billion to create.
  • 750,000 visitors pass through the Grand Central daily.
  • 19,000 items are found in the lost & found each year.

For more random fun, check out the Daily Beast’s list of 100 facts about Grand Central. It’s actually kinda cool:  DailyBeast 100