An Easy Cinco de Mayo Brunch Cocktail

I like to encourage people to think beyond the mimosa. If you are entertaining this weekend in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I will encourage you to serve something special to help everyone get into the Mexican spirit. Mixing up a cocktail that looks and tastes like a drink you’d buy at a fancy bar is always a way to add a special touch to your party, and makes you look like a rockstar (even though it took less than a minute).

This Cinco de Mayo, make a Tequila Palermo. We show you how to do it in the video below. All you do is mix a few simple ingredients together (tequila, Cointreau, grapefruit juice and lime juice), top it off with Club Soda, and voila´! Your crowd pleasing cocktails are ready to go.

DIM_Tequila_Paloma_YT_v2.mp4 from BrunchCriticTV on Vimeo.

Cheers and Enjoy! Happy Cino de Mayo!

D-I-Y Bloody Mary Bars are soooo 2012

Someone has put their thinking cap on. Unlimited drinks – been there. Drinks included – done that. Do-It-Yourself Bloody Mary bars….that may just be sooo 2012. But Sotto13 is up to something different.

This Greenwich Village brunch newcomer launches their D-I-Y Prosecco bar Saturday, February 16th. As their PR team says, you can:

  • become your own mixologist with a bottle of prosecco and a tray of five mixers, including signature fresh juices, liqueurs and toss-ins like candied ginger, fresh berries and more. (priced from $55 per DIY tray).

Now this is cool. Something different. 

We can’t vouch for their food yet, but the prospect of the fun that can be had around this Prosecco tray sure sounds enticing. The closest thing I can think of similar to this is the Sangria bar at Calle Ocho. But that is way in the UWS. Downtown needs there own. Maybe this is just the fix, just the new thing we need.

We look forward to providing a full update, and hope to hear your feedback if you beat us to it.

Cheers brunchies!