What Brunch has to do with Santa and Facebook

A friend told me about Stockings With Care ( http://www.stockingswithcare.org ).

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The concept is simple. The organization matches you up with a child who is less fortunate, who’s parents can’t afford to give them the holiday gifts they deserve. The child chooses 3 items they’d love to have (or the parent if it’s a very young one). You purchase at least 2 of the 3 for them, more if you’re able, wrap them anonymously, drop them off at the designated time/location, and the organization will deliver your holiday cheer to them in time for Christmas.

Someone I didn’t know (a friend of a friend), shared this on Facebook and encouraged others to join her. I signed up, and suggested that since all the people who commented and “liked” her status and are going to get involved, and don’t know each other, that we have a weekend day where we brunch and then go shopping for the kids. The emails have been flowing and we’ve set a date! Brunch is going to give us a chance to get to know new people around the brunch table. And as much as a don’t like Facebook, I do like it in this instance because I wouldn’t have known about Stockings with Care otherwise, and it’s providing a way to meet new people.

It’s the brunch table that is going to be the vehicle for us to connect with one another, with like-minded individuals. And that is why I love brunch.

I encourage you to get involved with the cause. If you do and you’d like to join us for the brunch + shopping day, drop me a line at andrea@brunchcritic.com. We’d love to meet up with you!

Cheers Brunchies™