12 Days of Pancakes

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We started the #12daysofpancakes campaign a few days ago, as we count down to the Christmas Holiday. People seem to be loving the daily dose of beautiful pancakes shots. As a pancake girl myself, I am a fan for sure. For your daily dose, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/brunchcritic and on Twitter @brunchcritic. Think of it as a little nugget of brunch shared with you each day!

Here are some of the pancakes we’ve highlighted so far:

1) Can be eaten at Beauty & Essex:

Pancakes Beauty & Essex

2.) Can be found at The Breslin:

IMG_0598I hope you get to try both of these, and the rest of the #12daysofpancakes we highlight!

Cheers Brunchies™




Pancakes. Not just any Panckes. Theeeese pancakes:

Bam! Check these out: 

Every time people see this photo, they say “wow, where can I get that.” In fact, this is the reason why we started the Where Can I Find That!? section on the website. Bottom area of BrunchCritic.com, you can scroll through numerous photos and find great dishes. Looks like this:

You can find the pancakes above at 44 & X restaurant, a fantastic brunch spot, which stands for 44th St., and 10th Avenue. It’s a great place and their brunch is always consistent.

Special things: 1) We love how so many of their dishes come with extras, included. Here we see fruit – strawberries, rasberries – yum, and sausages. It makes such a nice, complete brunch entree without the pain of having to order and spend cash on sides.  2) Best Bathroom: Sounds sorta weird, right? But it’s true. The upstairs bathroom here is amazing. Always fresh scents, fresh massive vases with flowers, a chandelier, dim lighting (but not too dark). It’s just great. Event Francis Rivera from the Pix 11 brought this up when I was on the morning show last year. You can see the clip here:

Pancakes, 44 from BrunchCriticTV on Vimeo.

Again, sounds sorta weird, but really it’s an indication that the restaurant is clean, as is the kitchen & prep area. That goes a long way in NYC!

So if you are near Times Square or Hell’s Kitchen this weekend (which can often be a hellish place to find a good brunch – check out 44 & X. Obviously their address is easy to remember.

For more pictures of 44 & X, check this link out. 44 & X Photos.

Happy weekend.