Pancakes. Not just any Panckes. Theeeese pancakes:

Bam! Check these out: 

Every time people see this photo, they say “wow, where can I get that.” In fact, this is the reason why we started the Where Can I Find That!? section on the website. Bottom area of, you can scroll through numerous photos and find great dishes. Looks like this:

You can find the pancakes above at 44 & X restaurant, a fantastic brunch spot, which stands for 44th St., and 10th Avenue. It’s a great place and their brunch is always consistent.

Special things: 1) We love how so many of their dishes come with extras, included. Here we see fruit – strawberries, rasberries – yum, and sausages. It makes such a nice, complete brunch entree without the pain of having to order and spend cash on sides.  2) Best Bathroom: Sounds sorta weird, right? But it’s true. The upstairs bathroom here is amazing. Always fresh scents, fresh massive vases with flowers, a chandelier, dim lighting (but not too dark). It’s just great. Event Francis Rivera from the Pix 11 brought this up when I was on the morning show last year. You can see the clip here:

Pancakes, 44 from BrunchCriticTV on Vimeo.

Again, sounds sorta weird, but really it’s an indication that the restaurant is clean, as is the kitchen & prep area. That goes a long way in NYC!

So if you are near Times Square or Hell’s Kitchen this weekend (which can often be a hellish place to find a good brunch – check out 44 & X. Obviously their address is easy to remember.

For more pictures of 44 & X, check this link out. 44 & X Photos.

Happy weekend.



This Was Soooo Good

Butterscotch Creme Brulee with Chocolate Dust from The Lion

The Lion: 62 W. 9th St, Between 5th & 6th Avenues.

This was definitely one of my favorite brunch desserts ever because it was so out of the ordinary, and absolutely delicious. Today is an appropriate day to share thoughts on The Lion because my team and I have noticed that GILT City has been repeatedly selling  a “deal” for their brunch over the last few weeks. While we are usually not into many of the “deal” promotions around town, we like this one and find The Lion in Greenwich Village to be a very legit brunch spot.