Cozy Winter Brunch Spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn

We’ve got a winter storm headed our way. I’ve heard conflicting reports; one of them said we were getting 30 inches of snow, another said we were getting 3. ┬áThe most recent report a few hours ago was 8-12 inches by tomorrow morning.

For one thing, I’m pretty fired up. It’s been a weak winter in terms of fun, white snow. I can’t complain about the unusually high temperatures we have had, (remember I’m

originally from Southern California), but snow is always welcome, to me anyways. Something about blizzards and snowy days just makes the City seem so much calmer and quieter.

Thus said, it’s a perfect time to release our Cozy Winter Brunch Spots List. We’ve made a few additions to last year’s list. Hopefully the brick walls, nooks, crannies, and fireplaces are welcomed by you. And if you are bundling up inside this weekend, this list still should be helpful on cold, non-storm, weekends.

If you think we left anything off the list, or want to add, let us know! Hit us up on Twitter, leave a comment below, post on Facebook or email me at

Cozy Winter Brunch Spots