The Little Things

I often say that “it” is always about the little things.

The “it” can be a relationship, an experience traveling, or of course restaurants and brunch. You could go to a cafe where the server did something extra thoughtful for your table, you could find yourself loving extra the large mugs at a restaurant, or a unique garnish added in a bloody Mary.

Today at Tremont I was surprised when an amuse bouche arrived at our table– Tremont had assembled small bites of banana chocolate chip bread on a plate. photo (1)

It was an awesome couple of bites to start off our brunch experience. And we weren’t the only ones provided with this treat. Every table Tremont serves receives the plate off the bat when they sit down. While I had been to Tremont in the past, this special touch wasn’t incorporated into their service yet. I think it is a great little touch that makes a big difference. Thank you and Bravo team Tremont!

Happy Brunching!

Cheers Brunchies™



Best New Year’s Day Brunch NYC

New Year’s Day this year falls on a Wednesday. And, since most of us have the day off, and will be recovering from the night before, the perfect New Year’s Day Brunch is in high demand. Our advice: use BrunchCritic and select “HOLIDAY BRUNCH” under mood. That filter under the Mood Search tool has all the places identified as being open on holidays, like New Year’s Day, (or the day after Christmas, Christmas Day, the day after Thanksgiving, MLK Day, etc etc.)

I’m an advocate of BrunchCritic. OBVIOUSLY! It’s a bit frustrating to see resources like Zagats and others publish what they call brunch “lists.” Almost every time I see one of them, I think to myself what a disservice they are doing to their community. And, we we don’t have a partnership.  Zagats  just released their short list of where to go tomorrow. You can view it here. But in my opinion, it’s no different than many of their other lists. And, it’s quite weak. Most brunchies™ already know of the Sarabeth’s. All Zagat’s did was list every location they have. There are thousands of restaurants in New York. Trust me, Sarabeth’s isn’t the only place serving New Year’s Day brunch. And the lines are going to be ridiculous. And I am shocked to see Egg in Brooklyn on there. I think it’s great Egg is open for brunch on New Year’s Day, but come on Zagat’s, next to Sarabeth’s everyone already knows about Egg. And that means they know about their LINE. Now I don’t want to spend the first day of the year waiting in line. Do you?

Dear Zagats–  I’ve put this out there before, but why don’t we work on a partnership. Let the brunch experts help you out, and you do what you to best, dinner. (And frankly that’s what your guide and rating are based on anyways. Not brunch and the brunch experience.)

So to our readers, it might help your New Year’s Day brunch search to search Holiday Brunch on the homepage, and dine at one of our recommendations. Here is the direct link to those search results: Holiday Brunch

My top picks? Here’s where I’d go:

Commerce (west village), GOOD (greenwich village) Asellina (Flatiron/Kips Bay), Riverpark – (East 29th st.).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.

I sincerely wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

Cheers Brunchies™




What to Consider When Choosing a Brunch Location

As Brunch Critics, we’re constantly getting asked, “Where should I go to brunch today?” by friends, family, social media connections, and even our doorman. We love giving recos, and there are several things to consider when choosing a brunch location. Next time you’re in a bind, keep these in mind.

1. Location
What neighborhood/area do you want to brunch in? You may be one of those “I don’t leave Brooklyn on the weekends” kind of person, or the East Village might be the most central location for your brunch crew. That’s why on BrunchCritic, you can discover new brunch spots by neighborhood.

2. Reservations
If you have a large party or an impatient group, the two and a half hour wait at Clinton Street Baking Company isn’t going to work for you. We know that if we have a special occasion or our parents are in town, we’re not taking any chances on a crazy brunch crowd. Look for a spot that takes brunch reservations like Seersucker or Cork Buzz Wine Studio.

 3. Vibe
This one is important, and one of the most crucial things to consider. Are you looking for a party brunch? A trendy spot? A quiet place? Romantic for a date? Casual and quaint? The restaurant that is good for a dance party is much different than the place that you should take your kids, although the food could be equally good. Our recommendations give you a report on what you can expect.

4. Menu
Can everyone in your group find something on the menu that they’ll like? We like to scout out the menu before we make any decisions because there may be a dish that beckons us, like the Pork Rillete Eggs Benedict at Jeffrey’s Grocery, for example. You might also have a pancake craving or a need for a tall bloody Mary.

Ask if you need help choosing!

Cheers Brunchies™

Caitlin Heikkila


12 Days of Pancakes

Have you seen our Facebook & Twitter feeds by chance?

We started the #12daysofpancakes campaign a few days ago, as we count down to the Christmas Holiday. People seem to be loving the daily dose of beautiful pancakes shots. As a pancake girl myself, I am a fan for sure. For your daily dose, follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @brunchcritic. Think of it as a little nugget of brunch shared with you each day!

Here are some of the pancakes we’ve highlighted so far:

1) Can be eaten at Beauty & Essex:

Pancakes Beauty & Essex

2.) Can be found at The Breslin:

IMG_0598I hope you get to try both of these, and the rest of the #12daysofpancakes we highlight!

Cheers Brunchies™




Thank you for attending Brazilian Brunch Party 2013

I sent out a “Thank You” email last week to those who attended our Brazilian brunch party.

A number of people replied to me. I was surprised. They really appreciated the “Thank You” email. Some thought it was “short & sweet” (which it was intended to be), and one woman said it was “brilliant and eloquently written”. (She’s also English– they tend to use “brilliant” a lot.)  I loved and appreciated getting these responses. So, with that said, I wanted to post the thank you here, in the blog. The last paragraph is the most important to me.

In case you didn’t see it via email, thank you again for attending Brazilian Brunch! I’ll post photos next.

THANK YOU  for attending our Brazilian Brunch Party on Sunday, December 8th! We really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for the day, and your fabulous Samba dancing skills won’t be forgotten.

Photos can be seen at:

We’d also like to thank our partner Elance for their sponsorship. Elance is where employers go to find amazing freelancers, and freelancers go to find great jobs.

As mentioned on Sunday, great social experiences are a result of great people.Thank you for coming out and being such wonderful guests. We can’t wait until the next BrunchCritic gathering. See you there!

Happy Holidays and Sincerely,

Andrea & the BrunchCritic team

Brazil_1 WordPress

One Brunch for The Fall

351 East 12th St., (between 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave.)
(212) 432-3825

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.22.48 PM The Place :

Ducks is a BrunchCritic favorite. It’s not well known, be we are exposing it to the masses. Ducks easy-going and casual but feels special at the same time. Overall, Ducks is a New Orleans meets Southeast Asian inspired spot, but the brunch menu is solely New Orleans influenced. A thick, brick atmosphere surrounds the diners and although tarnished, the wall mirror is still somehow endearing. Water is served in mason jars, the menus are binder clipped to cardboard, and mismatched chairs and distressed tables decorate the small space. We find that the clientele seems to be the perfect representation of all sorts of Manhattan and Brooklynites, minus the trendy/preppy crowd. Ducks is chill. It’s relaxed. It’s delicious.

What to Eat:

Start with the Roasted Delicata Squash.  Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.30.12 PM Slices of fall squash will arrive beautifully presented, and made with wakame seaweed butter, togarashi chili and topped with flavorful, shaved burdock seeds. You’ll love eating your veggies. (And the burdock seeds are awesome!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.31.56 PMFor a main get the Benedict de Marie Laveau with smoked ricotta, and a creole hollandaise.

While a lot of places try to create twists on the classic benedict, they often fail. Ducks Eatery attempts this however and knocks it out of the park. That smoked ricotta and creole hollandaise isn’t too strong, or too weak, it’s just right. (They have waffles and fried Duck on the menu. We didn’t get to try it but surely will next time we go back!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.28.20 PMWhat to Drink:

The Pumpkin ti’ Punch is perfect for fall. Made with rum, coconut creme, cinnamon, nutmeg and graham, it’s a great starter. For dessert, you might want to forgo the beignets with chocolate sauce and just get a second Pumpkin ti’ Punch!

Reservation Policy:

Reservations accepted for parties as small as two.

(Published in our weekly One & One Newsletter on Saturday, Nov 23, 2013)

Cheers Brunchies™,



Tickets Now Available! – Brazilian Brunch!

You’re Invited!


We’re throwing a Brazilian Brunch Bash on Sunday, December 8th and you’re invited. There will be Unlimited Caipirinhas and Mimosas, a live Samba Band, and Brazilian Cuisine.

Sushi Samba has brunch? Yep! And it’s quite good! Sushi Samba is a Brazilian-Asian fusion restaurant, but their brunch menu is primarily Brazilian. That means you get to choose entrees like Feijoada, Churrasco and Eggs, Lobster Eggs Benedict, Wagyu Sliders, Shrimp & Polenta, and more. We think their thick, hand cut bacon is especially superb. If you’re more of a sweets person you can order Doce de Leite French Toast and Warm Churros con Chocolate.

We’re big fans of Sushi Samba’s 2nd floor and roof level. It was renovated over the summer, and ever since we saw it we’ve wanted to host a brunch party. And now we are.

So come join us on Sunday, December 8th. The drinks will be flowing and the Samba going.

When: Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where: Sushi Samba, 87 7th Avenue South, (at Barrow St.) Roof Level

via Party Earth: Tickets
via EventBrite:
$45 in advance / $55 at the door
(Includes everything, tax, tip, & the whole shebang.)

Questions: Contact

Hope to have you with us!

Cheers Brunchies™


What Brunch has to do with Santa and Facebook

A friend told me about Stockings With Care ( ).

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.24.02 AM

The concept is simple. The organization matches you up with a child who is less fortunate, who’s parents can’t afford to give them the holiday gifts they deserve. The child chooses 3 items they’d love to have (or the parent if it’s a very young one). You purchase at least 2 of the 3 for them, more if you’re able, wrap them anonymously, drop them off at the designated time/location, and the organization will deliver your holiday cheer to them in time for Christmas.

Someone I didn’t know (a friend of a friend), shared this on Facebook and encouraged others to join her. I signed up, and suggested that since all the people who commented and “liked” her status and are going to get involved, and don’t know each other, that we have a weekend day where we brunch and then go shopping for the kids. The emails have been flowing and we’ve set a date! Brunch is going to give us a chance to get to know new people around the brunch table. And as much as a don’t like Facebook, I do like it in this instance because I wouldn’t have known about Stockings with Care otherwise, and it’s providing a way to meet new people.

It’s the brunch table that is going to be the vehicle for us to connect with one another, with like-minded individuals. And that is why I love brunch.

I encourage you to get involved with the cause. If you do and you’d like to join us for the brunch + shopping day, drop me a line at We’d love to meet up with you!

Cheers Brunchies™