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Week of 06/06 ONE+ONE ARCHIve

B & B (Burger & Barrel)


I'm a big fan of B&B (Burger & Barrel). It's an upscale gastropub with a welcoming energy. It's one of my top brunch spots in SoHo, and unlike competing restaurants in the area, it isn't pretentious or trendy, and there's not a long wait. The dark wood, forrest green booths, and burgundy tiles that make up the decor give B&B a very cozy vibe that lends well to a brunch-time experience. It's conveniently located at the top of SoHo on Houston, and across from the Angelika for a post-brunch movie session.

What to Eat

Start with the French Toast Sticks for the table. They're crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, and easy for sharing. Then get the Burger. At a place that's named after it, you know it will be good.

What to Drink

We don't see Shakes and Floats enough on menus in Manhattan. But luckily B&B has both, and brunch gives you that perfect excuse to indulge in them. Try the Spiked Float with Root Beer, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Amaro, or the Spiked Shake with Vanilla Ice Cream, Bourbon and Caramel Sauce. Also of note is the beer by the barrel and fantastic signature cocktails. For the non-alcoholic types, seven different versions of Johnnie Ryan Soda Pop are on the menu as well. They are all naturally sweetened.

Reservation Policy

Brunch reservations are accepted.

Good For

- Sitting Solo at the Bar

- Going with a Group

- Taking your pregnant friend out to brunch

(Yup, I've done all three.)

Accept ReservationsComfort FoodCritic's PickFrench ToastGood for GroupsGood for KidsOpen on Saturday
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